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Delineator Posts

Friday, March 12, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

delineator posts, delineator post, traffic post, traffic posts, highway post, highway posts, looper tubes, traffic tubesDelineator posts are good for channelizing traffic, or directing traffic in a way so that it knows where to go and doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t.  You see these mainly on the highway during a construction project.  They come in many different colors, white orange and yellow are the most common.

Reflective bands for the delineator posts can come in 3 or 4 inches.  These are good for alerting oncoming traffic because the light of the car reflects off the post.  Posts can be either flat top or t-top, which is handle that makes it easier to grab and move around.

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Traffic Channelizers

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic channelizer, traffic channelizers, traffic cones, grabber cone, grabber cones, delineator posts, delineator post, looper tube, looper tubes‘chan-nel-ize’ to direct through a channel.  Many types of traffic safety products fit this description.  Here are some examples of traffic channelizers; ultra panels, channelizer posts, superdome drums, traffic barrels (both the orange and the yellow), delineator posts, and looper tubes.

Traffic channelizers are a great way to, well, channelize traffic.  We have all driven through those lanes that are lined with traffic channelizers or cement barriers and feel way too squeezed.  They are good for letting traffic know where it is supposed to be going, so that someone doesn’t end up on newly laid down asphalt or in a ditch.

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Uses of Delineator Posts

Monday, February 15, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

delineator post, delineator posts, delineator tubes, dealineator, marker tubes, construction tubesMost people don’t know what a delineator post is.  It’s main function is to mark an area so that cars and construction equipment know not to go beyond those markings.  They usually have reflective tape so that even at night cars know where not to go.

Delineator posts are meant to be impact resistant, but how resistant they are depends on the brand.  I am not going to go into brands in this post, but some can take impacts up to 60 MPH+ and still be okay.  Delineator posts can come with bases, with stakes that go into the ground or pavement (though pre-made holes are necessary to stick delineators into pavement or a hard surface.

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The Versatility of Delineator Posts

Friday, February 5, 2010 By: Road-Safety

One of the most common and cost-effective pieces of traffic safety equipment is the delineator post. Although they feature a very rudimentary design, delineator posts can serve a variety of purposes. The most common use is to help drivers determine where the lane ends and whether or not they are allowed to merge.

Most delineators feature reflective tape so that they can be effective day or night. Many models feature a lip at the bottom so that they can stand alone without a base. Although they are mostly used for traffic, many posts include a loop on top which makes them ideal for attaching caution tape and quickly sanctioning off an area.

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Delineator Posts, and all the various forms

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

delineator posts, delineator post, traffic tubes, construction postsThere are lots of types of delineator posts out there, so before you choose your post too fast, check out some of the options available.  There are “T-top” delineators” and “open top” delineators, the t-top ones are good because you can grab them easier at the top, and the open top ones are just flat on the top and more traditional.  Industry heights are roughly; 18″, 28″, 36″, 39″ and 42″.

Reflective tape is very common on these, usually two 3 or 4″ bands.  Posts usually come in orange, yellow or white, and switching between colors is not going to mean ordering a large quantity.  Posts are usually designed with a lip that comes out at the bottom so it stands alone, but bases are always a good idea – just look out for those shipping costs!