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What is Reflective Tape?

Friday, July 12, 2013 By: admin

reflective sheetingReflective tape is usually used in the traffic safety industry to make the products easier to be seen during the day and night.  The reflective collars as they can be called, are usually at the top of the product and can be seen on traffic cones, traffic barricades and more.

I would also like to point out there is reflective sheeting like what is pictured to the left, where it is an orange and white stripe and this is typically seen on a barricade.  Now a straight orange or straight white colored reflective collar is something you will see on traffic cones or delineators.

There are also different grades: Engineer grade is the most basic but works for most applications.  Hi Intensity sheeting is one step above, will reflect more and costs more.  Diamond grade has the highest amount of reflective and will cost the most.

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Learning more about Traffic Drums

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 By: admin

If looking for orange traffic drums for a road construction or parking lot project you may come up with a few questions before you decide on what you are going to purchase.  Some questions include: Do I need reflective sheeting, how heavy of a base should I get, do I need 4″ or 6″ bands?  Luckily these questions should be answered based on the specs of the project.

Another discovery you may come across is that there are different size and color traffic drums.  Drums used in Canada tend to have a smaller diameter than the ones in the US.  Also, it’s very rare to see anything but an orange traffic drum in the US while you will see black traffic drums in Canada.  If you need any questions answered about channelizer drums feel free to comment below.