Traffic Channelizers

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic channelizer, traffic channelizers, traffic drum, traffic drums, construction drums, construction drum, orange drum, orange drums, traffic barrel, traffic barrels How much does a traffic channelizer cost?  What do traffic channelizers look like?  What are other names for traffic channelizers?  This post is going to try and answer those questions.  A traffic channelizer can cost as much as $50, depending on the density of the plastic and the grade of the reflective tape.

There are many different names for these, traffic barrels, traffic channelizers, traffic drums, construction drums, orange drums, superdome drums, construction barrel, it never ends.  And to find out what they look like, just take a look at the picture I posted.  Traffic channelizers are common for informing oncoming traffic that there is construction nearby.

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