Traffic Drums mean Traffic Season

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic drums, traffic drum, traffic barrel, traffic barrels, construction barrels, construction barrel, construction drum, construction drums, orange drum, channelizer, channelizers, traffic channelizer, traffic channelizersYou may be a commuter to work, and get frustrated by the immense amount of construction which seems to add an extra hour to your commute on the worst possible days.  You most likely see a lot of traffic drums (those orange traffic barrels on the side of the road) next to you on the way.  Don’t get frustrated, these are only there for your safety.

Traffic drums, traffic barrels, and channelizers are all designed to provide safety for us drivers.  A lot of times they are the barrier between construction and the road we are supposed to be driving on.  Other times they are there to direct us as to where to go, either way, when you see them don’t get angry, but be thankful that our government provides such safety equipment.

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