Where are Traffic Drums Made?

Monday, April 5, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic drum, traffic drums, traffic channelizer, traffic channelizers, construction drums, construction drum, orange drum, orange drums, traffic barrel, traffic barrelsWhen I tell people I deal with the traffic safety industry, at first they look in surprise because it is such a strange (or is it) industry to be in.  I explain that I deal with pretty much any product you would see in a road/highway construction project on the side of the road.  Their next question is usually where does it come from?

Well, to be honest I do not know exactly where everything is made.  These days some products have different parts assembled at different factories all over the world, and the materials are even further spread around.  Now, a traffic drum, for example, is most likely made in the US (the West Coast usually).  I have discovered that anything big is usually made in the US for one reason – shipping cost is too high to get them from China.

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