Reflective styles of traffic channelizers

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic channelizer, traffic channelizers, orange traffic channelizers, channelizers, orange drums, construction drumsWhen picking out what type of traffic channelizer you need, you must decide on whether you want reflective tape, and if so what intensity.  The reflective tape is made so that it reflects a light, say from an automobile or snowmobile.  The more intense the reflective tape, the more intense the reflection.  There may be instances where you will not need reflective tape at all – you could have your own you wish to apply, or you could be using the traffic channelizer for something unconventional like to mark a path through the woods.

The lowest intensity of reflective tape is called “Engineer Grade” or EG for short.  This is a very common choice for reflective tape, and is usually sufficient for the job.  The next level of intensity is “High Intensity” or HI for short.  The highest level is called “Diamond Grade” or DG for short, and is quite expensive.  Lots of times there are state requirements for the number and type of reflective bands, so always be sure to check out your state’s Department of Transportation website before making a final decision.

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