Traffic Barricades Offer Safety

Monday, April 19, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic barricade, traffic barricades, type 1 barricade, type 1 barricades, type 2 barricade, type 2 barricades, type 3 barricade, type 3 barricades, barrier barricade, barrier barricadesWhether you are driving on the interstate highway or through a small village town, traffic barricades are usually in sight.  These barricades offer protection from a variety of things.  They are sometimes used to block off construction projects, letting you know you should not enter that area.

Other times they are for blocking entire roads.  I have even seen them used at events that require parking lots.  The type 3 barricades are most common for blocking off roads, while the type 1 barricades are common for parking lots and the type 2 barricades are used all over.

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