Which Traffic Drum to Choose

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 By: Transportation Supply

traffic drum, traffic drums, traffic barrel, traffic barrels, construction barrels, construction barrel, construction drum, construction drums, orange drum, channelizer, channelizers, traffic channelizer, traffic channelizersHow do you know which traffic drum to choose when looking at all the options online?  The simple answer is, it depends on the requirements that are (usually) given to you for the job.  Options include reflective tape, base weight, density of plastic, and sometimes the color of the drum.

Reflective tape can either be white or orange, and the grade of the tape can be Engineer Grade, Diamond Grade, or Hi Intensity Grade.  Base weight can vary depending on the vendor, but usually ranges from 10-40lbs in general.  Density of the plastic can be low or high density and color can be requested to be changed but usually needs quantities around 500 or more.

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